Brand Workshops

Before starting developing a new brand for your business, a new product or service we provide consultation workshops to ensure your branding is positioned strategically.

By bringing together a multidisciplined team we create a brand strategies destined for success. With copywriters, designers and digital marketeers providing insight and experience, you will get an extensive review of the current landscape and clear strategy of where to position your brand.

The journey of a typical brand workshop:

Core concept document is submitted ahead of the workshop for review


Core concept is mapped out and challenged to remove any bias or preconceptions.

The target market is mapped out for the refined concept. Breaking down the personas of your core group.

A review of the brands possible Archetypes and how they resonate with the targeted personas.

Deliverable Document

The main deliverable from a workshop will be catered to your specific project. It will provide you with a comprehensive plan that either we can continue to work on together or your own team can progress internally.