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To design and develop a friendly, modern yet professional website that shows ADR International as the modern company they have become. Focussing on showing how ADR now deliver its world-renowned Training programmes for International Enterprises in person and remotely, to companies across the globe.



A consistent new approach to the brand representation that uses modern illustrations while keeping the feel in line with its corporate values and audiences. A move away from bland stock photography for illustrations using a limited colour palette and plenty of white space.


The website is delivered using Wordpress CMS (Content Management System), a platform the ADR International team are familiar with, to allow for ease of transitioning to their new site. The CMS gives them control over every content element so that any content changes can be made by the client at will.


The CTAs are clearly marked to direct users to the main focus points of the site. Clutter has been removed and users can quickly get to the information they are seeking, while never being more than a click away from an enquiry form.

The Result:


A more vibrant and modern ADR, showcasing their fantastic OPRA training content and how they can help enterprises improve their team’s performance. The Website is their main Lead generation tool, and as they continue their impressive growth they have already started to improve their services and increase the potential of their online services to deal with demand.


With simplified SEO, they are of course the first result for their own brand name, but also on the first page of Google results for “procurement training solutions” from purely organic search.

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