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We were approached by our good friends at Nebula Labs to brand and design a school-friendly educational game aimed at getting young persons interested in engineering. The game would start with a flooding disaster theme but has the potential to move into various other real-world disaster scenarios – such as fires and power outages.

Diverted Symbol Asset
Diverted Symbol Asset
Diverted Symbol Asset
Averted Designed Game Assets
Diverted Building Assets
Diverted Road Assets
Diverted Residence Asset
Diverted Residence Asset



We named the game ‘Averted!’ – An affirmation relating to the success of completing the challenge with which users are being tasked. Avoiding the negative implications or panic-inducing language that can be associated with such events.


The Identity
Combining an ‘A’ and an exclamation mark into a stylized road sign, the branding is fun, colourful and not too serious.


The Game
Together with Nebula Labs and the client we sketched out ideas before settling on an isometric approach to the level design, that worked perfectly with the client’s game dynamic. We stylised key terrain objects and created a bright and entertaining aesthetic that can develop into a wider universe as the game progresses development.

The Result:


Layers created a set of brand and game assets for the project, working closely with Nebula Labs so that everything was ready for development. Creating a fun and educational application that can be used in classes by teachers to engage students in the possibilities of engineering.


Averted! now has a fully functioning product ready to be tested in schools with students to get them engaged and interested in engineering.

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