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Develop a modern digital solution specifically catered for the construction and utility industry. Remove endless paper trails and improve efficiency and compliance particularly with regard to health and safety within the Construction & utility industry.



A bespoke Enterprise Resource Management system that incorporated the collection of data from across the supply chain. Layers worked closely with the client and the end users of the product to design a fully thought out system that is simple to use but covers a host of complicated tasks. Layers created a truly scaleable product using PHP API with a REACT JS client. The real-time environment helps to mitigate signal issues, also storing data in the browser using Redux.


The SAS product is a true web software solution, currently compatible with both desktop and tablet.

The Result:


Used by Northern Gas Networks (NGN) across all the providers and projects, simple health and safety monitoring tool has evolved into a fully integrated operating system. A new business that will triple in size by the end of the year (2019) Ctrl Hub looks set to truly disrupt the way Construction and Utility companies manage their supply chain, projects, data and reporting.

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