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Doddle Soft Ltd is a software development company that offers products and services to a variety of business sectors. They have a flagship product – Doddle – which is a booking platform that is targeted towards (but not limited to) activity organisations such as sports coaches, swim schools, dance classes, etc. The platform acts as a broker or marketplace between organisers and families to advertise, connect, transact and communicate.


The MVP Doddle brand/platform was developed and launched in 2018. Since then the focus has been very much on delivering new features on the organiser web app.


The organisers now have a feature rich platform that enables them to efficiently run their business. Doddle also has a Family Portal which allows anyone to search for, find and book activities in their area.


While this was a critical period in their development, the brand had been neglected and was no longer representative of the core values of the platform. Unfortunately, due to other priorities, the Family Portal had seen little focus since they had launched and therefore did not offer the inspiring and motivating experience that was required to fully optimise this channel. Subsequently, this meant organisers were left with an unoptimised platform to advertise and convert customers with.


The aim of this project was to:

  • Revisit the core brand and refocus its identity to better represent its new values for both organisers and families.
  • Implement this new brand across all areas of the platform; Website, Family Web Portal and mobile.
  • Deliver a first class experience for families through a brand new portal for web and mobile with a focus on “Finding activities in your area”.


Rebranding: DoDays

First up was the name,- Doddle. While its identity was playful and fun, it didn’t really sell the values of the brand. It doesn’t exist to ‘make things easy’ – it exists to help and encourage families to go out and do more. “Dodays” became the new brand name. Helping families do more, more days of the week. DoDays, a platform for easily booking and managing your family’s activities. As a new name, DoDays is informal, friendly and intriguing.


A playful but friendly brand, we carefully considered white space and blended it with simple shapes. The DoDays brand is playful and geometric, emphasising the simplicity of the brand ethos. The geometry can be used in various ways to create abstract backgrounds, simple icons and blended with imagery to give photography an instant brand feel. Use of solid colours from the pastel brand palette was also paired with black key line shapes and modern illustrations. We picked a clean sans serif typeface, using a limited set of weights and sizes to keep things simple and easy to use. The icons were selected to match the clean simple typography and the playful nature of the brand. Various illustrations were created for the different activities available on the platform which would always appear as default if the club does not update a picture for their activity.

UX Process

Layers designed an intuitive, user-friendly class & activity booking portal for those that want to book an activity for them and their family.

Family Portal

The marketing website was updated to fit the new identity. Families and organisations land on this page and can find out more about what DoDays is.

Marketing Website

We conducted an audit of the current platform and created an index with the current pages and functionality. We discussed with stakeholders to understand what the current website achieves and what their desired outcome was. Based on our findings, the information architecture of the website was reviewed. We created user stories and the user journeys were subsequently defined and wireframed. A lot of thought was put into the class listing and booking user journey where users search for, find and book activities in their area. It was important to make it as easy as possible for the user. Lastly, we created a fully clickable prototype that users could interact with and test the process before further development commenced, as well as making it easier for engineers to develop.

The Result

As a result of our careful considerations, consultations and collaboration, Layers have successfully rebranded, revitalised and rejuvenated the flagship product of Doddle Soft Ltd – DoDays. The core values of the platform have been highlighted through the rebrand from all perspectives and now provides a fully optimised, inspiring and motivational experience to users. DoDays now has a clearly defined identity, playful but friendly, simple yet informative, delivering a first class experience for families with an established brand feel through simple iconography, stylised imagery and joy inspiring photography. Families and Organisers alike will surely have a positive experience using the platform and will leave a lasting impression.