Green Spaces

Green Spaces

The Idea

Essentially, the aim of the Green Spaces project is to encourage people to make more use the green spaces in and around their cities - But it has the potential to be so much more than that.

With more collated, open data what innovations and new avenues can become available to people when there is a clearer view of complex data. The project is amalgamating data on public green spaces and presenting it in an open data format so that people can interact with it through manual additions. Data will come from verified users, live data and via the app after launch.


A modern logo identity that is both bold and fresh in colour was designed to appeal to the large target market. The identity focuses on the idea of greenery and locations. Key goals for the brand identity was that it would stand out and have a unique symbol that can be used across social media and apps in the future.

& Mental Health

The data will assist public services and town planners to better understand how and why people use green spaces and plan for the future. It will also allow institutions such as the NHS to prescribe suitable outdoor places for patients suffering from Mental Health issues, recently cited as the most cost-effective way to treat mental health.

Web App Design Process

During the app design process, we went through various iterations, altering designs from user testing feedback. The concept is to have a lot of data readily available, but making this useable requires to prioritise and sometimes hide data under layers of information. The more interested or specialised you are as a user, the deeper you will dive into the information. The real challenge is creating a user-friendly experience that makes sense of the data in a useful way to your everyday user.


Green spaces want to work in partnership with Wildlife Trusts and Biodiversity enthusiasts alike. Encouraging users with a passion for Biodiversity to log their finding in the app, will collate a wealth of live data useful for environmental scientists and researchers across various industries.

Advertising and GEotN

The success of Green Spaces, although not primarily a Commercial venture, requires commercial viability to work. For the app to gather enough valuable data as it grows, we need a large update in users. That's from all different kind of backgrounds. Having said that, there are 3 key areas we are currently focussing on, NHS with the health and wellbeing aspects, more general users and families and more specific nature enthusiasts and hobbyists.

These posters were designed to illuminate these areas while we exhibited at the Great Exhibition of the North in 2018. It was a fantastic experience to showcase at the business summit and be alongside similar innovative and inspiring companies from local heavyweights like Atom Hawk to national corporates such as Virgin.

Critical Users

Finally, everyday users, parents, couples and anyone wanting to get outdoors can search and compare sites at their leisure.

We (with the help of our project Partner Paul White) have been collecting a large data sample from the wider Newcastle area, to get a real understanding of how the app's database will need to be structured.

With a combination of qualitative and quantitive data. With a smoothe user experience being vital to encourage user uptake, testing and feedback is an important part of the process. That's why we are very interested to hear from potential collaborators, data providers and users while we seek further investment to continue the project.

If you would like to find out more about this project or how we could work on a project like this for you, please get in touch.