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After rebranding their core range look and feel – Poetic License came to us to create a new e-commerce website, that continues to give the same brand experience. Allow the internal team to promote and sell the new products, display ‘perfect’ serves for each drink. All form their prefered CMS.



We knew we were working with a flat black background. This was to allow the bottles to stand out from the page in their new unique style. With some fantastic product photography from Carn Patrick, we knew we could rely on the product shots to play well with the black aesthetic.


From here we designed a black palette theme and designed elements that would be used throughout the site and shop.
Each UI component was designed to work responsively. There are also some Mobile specific elements that seamlessly integrate intuitive sideswiping and vertical scrolling.


Working with Wordpress and WooCommerce we developed a solution that met the clients’ requirements and prefered processes.

The Result:


The new site structure, prescribed by the internal team, has helped them meet their internal marketing goals.


The Poetic License website is a strong source of revenue for the company. With thousands in orders every month the store is growing with the company as they look to reach new heights and continue their year on year growth

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