Poetic License

Poetic License
Product Rebrand

Poetic License came to us to redesign their bottles, create a stronger brand shelf presence and create a new e-commerce website to match.

Poetic License is a small distillery based in Sunderland, headed up by Mark Hird who has over 20 years experience in the hospitality industry. The development of a successful micro-brewery inspired Mark to create a micro-distillery producing premium Gin initially, this has now extended to include Vodka and Gin Liqueurs. Based out of the Roker Hotel, an unlikely setting for a micro distillery initially, the bar is now branded as the Poetic License Distillery Bar. A small team are behind Poetic License but they have driven their product across the UK and are looking at global markets.

Packaging: Bottle Design

For Poetic License to stand out and gain a presence on the shelf we wanted to design a bottle that was iconic, but still felt like that small batch, craft distillery their brand is known for. To do that, we created a visually striking dark bottle, which there were few of at the time – most brands looking to show either a white bottle or a clear glass so you can see the liquid. As for the on bottle design, we leant on the brand’s poetry theme, with hand done stories and more creative notes, written all over the bottle.

This created a unique illustrative look to the bottle, that sparks intrigue. The important information such as the name of the product, it’s ABV and other information, is all kept in a clear legible typeface, and the accent colours that were associated with the classic range were kept.

Promotional Artwork

In the run-up to the new bottles being created, promotional artwork was created and printed in a product and brand info pamphlet. This was distributed to the bars and venues that stock Poetic License to let them know the change was happening.

The print on this was important. We used a dark grey background, with a solid black overprint and spot colours for the product accent colours. In all, it was a 6 colour job as there was some UV overprint, working with BLP ensured this was printed perfectly.

Layers have helped us to create distinctive, meaningful brands that get noticed. Their approach is ideal for projects that require thorough consideration, originality and creativity. They take time to understand our aims so always deliver on briefs, offering insightful, smart and innovative solutions that exceed our expectations.

Grace Noon
Head of Marketing


Poetic License now has a really strong brand identity across their product range. The trademark dark bottles for the core range are a strong backdrop for the artistic labelling style and are almost as covetable empty, these are collectable not for the recycling.

Poetic License also happens to be a fantastic product, paired with it's new brand image it was always going to succeed. Poetic License is now available not only high-end boutique food halls like Fenwicks they are also in Marks and Spencer and soon to be in Asda too.

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