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While creating the Brand for what became PUSH, we were designing and building an MVP (minimal viable product) for Alex Beattie and his team. The concept was to offer personal training and nutrition expertise as a digital service. Different levels of support would be available, catered to you and your specific attributes.


Everyone has the time to stay healthy and in shape, they just need the right guidance and encouragement. PUSH is your partner to a healthier and happier life



We created a fully functioning monthly subscription,
e-commerce website using WooCommerce. Designed mobile first, with locked user only content including; personal meal plan creator, TDR calculator and exercise video library.


The goal of the main B2C marketing website is to entice users to sign up for the free trial. Designed to show not only that brand’s impressive experience and credentials, but the approachable and friendly nature of the brands’ ethos.

The Result:


It’s very early stages for PUSH but after the initial launch, the site has had hundreds of signups for its free trial membership and regular paying customers for their one-off training plans.

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