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To deliver a solution that would provide international students with a system to search, compare and apply for higher education courses across the UK. The platform needed to cater for applicants and Institutions to allow for a seamless management process for, what can be, quite a complicated application process.



A bespoke web-based platform was developed. Going beyond a simple MVP, the platform was developed to manage the whole process. The platform works with AWS to host the large amount of information on institutions and their courses.


The user experience was the key focus on the design, as we looked to map the journey in three separate epics; search, comparisons and applications. The latter being a lengthy process that had to seamlessly manage up to 3 applications at once, each going through up to 16 stages and passing back and forth between universities and the applicants.


The web platform was designed with a fresh friendly look and feel, allowing for very fine-grained search filtering and email notifications to keep users up to date with any changes in their application process.

The Result:


StudyAtlas has run successfully for its first year, as it had to show proof of concept, working closely with over 50 institutions in the UK. The platform has also already expanded to included courses in New Zealand and Australia.


StudyAtlas has successfully taken on initial angel investment, with a valuation of £2million, it looks to secure it’s first Series A investment by the end of Summer 2019

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