Study Atlas

The Brief

Design and build of a web based platform, brand creation, naming and development

The Client

UKTI International Entrepreneurs, Assnaka  and Buddhika Jayaweera came to us in need of a Tech Partner to help build them an MVP and Brand for their innovative web solution.

Brand Mark

Taking inspiration from a map marker, globe and the pages of a book, we’ve created a unique icon that beautifully represents the brand’s purpose. As a digital product, the brand mark has been designed to work on its own, in small and within a circle or square for social media. The icons takes inspiration from the Google Material guides for shading.

Combined Identity

Combining the word and brand mark gives a sense of emergence, with the icon growing from the ‘y’. Here, we’ve displayed the primary lock-up. A horizontal lock-up is also used for more standardised applications and web presence.

The challenge

To deliver a solution that would provide international students with a system to search for further and higher education courses across the UK, compare courses and make an application. The platform needed to be built to grow and extend this process world -wide.

Designing a fully branded user experience

Beyond the technical design and UX on the platform, we also spent a lot of time ensuring users received an immersive brand experience. Each touch point carries the brand's tone and character, making the user experience seamless throughout the platform.
The brand communicates with many different cultures and we decided to take the branding down an illustrative route to allow us to create a look and feel that could be relatable no matter what culture or background you come from.

The Result

Working as an application management system further functionality was integrated into the build process to allow both students and educational institutions to track every stage of their application process and host all related documentation in one centrally accessed place.

Outside of the UK it is currently working with Australia and New Zealand and has already made strong connections in China.

The success of the project so far has boosted Study Atlas’ position as they look to start their 1st round of investment raising to develop the app further.
Layers looks to continue its work with Study Atlas with it’s position as the tech-partner as the project progresses

Technical Details

Study Atlas is currently a web app only, and for the MVP only desktop screens were developed. However, the platform is built with a RESTful API talking to a thin JS client, using Angular. This puts the platform in a strong position moving forward, allowing it to scale and integrate with 3rd party applications in the future.

With a project like Study Atlas, we look at the full scope of what the client hopes to achieve in the future, break down what is needed now and work out what is the best way to achieve the next goals, with the resources available.

This project also had many intricate journeys that needed to be explored, the image above illustrated one user’s journey once they have completed a form. This alone is a long and complicated process, so it was vital the method of passing stage by stage was as intuitive as possible.

The design we created considers all users in the process, the student, the Study Atlas Team and the University representative. Each application has one card, this card is passed back and forth between each user type, as they approve it for the next stage on the journey.

If you would like to find out more about this project or how we could work on a project like this for you, please get in touch.