T Jefford Landscaping


T Jefford Landscaping

T Jefford Landscaping contacted Layers Studio to help them redesign their marketing orientated website. As an established landscaping company servicing a wide area across the North East, they cover all aspects of garden design, from decking and fencing through to artificial grass and much more.


They had developed a long standing positive reputation but they thought their current website was outdated and might be unappealing for new customers. However, they were wary of a new website design coming across as too modern as they wanted to avoid alienating their existing clients. They therefore wanted to focus on the website being familiar whilst offering an improved but user friendly experience to users. Their main objective was actually to provide clear information on available services and offer the ability for potential clients to get an approximate cost for their desired service/project, which would then lead to a marked decrease in the number of cold leads that were not suitable or viable for T Jefford Landscaping to commit to. By decreasing cold leads, this would maximise efficiency and improve their lead pipeline management system.


The aim of this project was to:

  • Refresh the brand
  • Create a new website
  • Develop the website (including Front end and Back end)
  • Connect enquiries to their Pipeline and CRM software




Because the T Jefford Landscaping logo had been established for several years, it was important to maintain it at least partially – thus, the logo was reviewed rather than completely rebranded. We kept the tree, simplified the overall logo and identified a new shade of green for a new modern feel.

Colour Palette

An elegant combination of soothing shades of green were chosen alongside the new green used for the logo.


We chose the font family ‘Jost’. This is a font family inspired by the highly geometric ‘Futura’ font, but designed for the digital space in mind. A friendly and geometric font, we thought this would suit the friendly dynamics of the T Jefford Landscaping team, with their geometric garden designs.
Mulish, a minimalist Sans Serif typeface, was chosen for the body to nicely compliment the heading font. For a friendly feel, we chose the ‘mega fresh’ font for the team’s nicknames, as the client thought the nicknames were an important detail and helped to showcase the ethos of the T Jefford Landscaping Team.


Real photography from the projects T Jefford Landscaping have previously worked on has been used throughout the website to ensure the site showcases their high quality and standards of work ‘Before and after’ pictures are presented with the use of an image slider, which adds an interesting and interactive elements for visitors.


The marketing website was updated to fit the new identity. Customers land on this page and can find out more about T Jefford Landscaping, their team and the services they provide. They can also read the latest posts written by Sal, view a full gallery of past projects and download garden maintenance guides.

UX Process

We conducted an audit of the current platform and created an index with the current pages and functionality. We discussed with stakeholders to understand what the current website achieves and what is the desired outcome. Based on those, the information architecture of the website was reviewed. Lastly, we created a fully clickable prototype that users can interact with and test the process before further development as well as making it easier for engineers to develop.

Budget Checker

We discussed with the client regarding project quoting. They wanted to develop a more dynamic way for their clients to better understand the cost of the personal projects, which is where the quote builder brief came from. Follow us to read about how we designed and developed the budget checker as part of this project where people can get an approximate quote for their garden.


Generally speaking the T Jefford Landscaping build was fairly straight forward, there were however a couple of trickier tasks that had to be considered. The first being the ability for the client to update and add to team members, including a profile image and a bio. In order to make this as easy as possible for the client to manage moving forward, we went with the approach of setting this up as a custom post type and a team member page template. Having it set up this way means that the client simply has to populate these fields in the backend and said data will be pulled through to the template in the correct format to match the designs.

The next challenge we addressed was the gallery page. The client requested a page which displayed all of the images of their past work which could be filtered by categories (Patios, Decking etc). The main challenge for this was having a single page in which multiple categories of pictures were displayed in a masonry gallery. Similar to the team members task we decided to set this up as a custom post type in which we set up each work type as a single post where the client can add all the relevant pictures inside and then tag the post with the relevant job type (Paving, Ponds etc).

The Result

Layers have successfully revitalised and rejuvenated the marketing website of T Jefford Landscaping.
They now have a clearly defined identity, professional but friendly, simple yet informative, delivering a first class experience for those that wanna have an amazing garden.