When starting your new project, minimise wasted resources by making use of Layers' strategic services and workshops.

We begin the strategic planning for your project with a truly holistic approach. We bring our multidisciplinary team together, to provide insight and working knowledge on design and technology, to assess your brief and participate in the workshop.


One of the best ways to make the most from our consultation services is through workshops

Concept Development


Generating ideas for your new brand or business solution. Working with a team of specialists from Layers helps you ideate and develop new innovations and disruptive concepts for your brand, product or service.



When planning a new idea or project, we help you strategically roadmap for success. Considering branding, feature prioritising, digital marketing and technical development. This ensures the project remains scaleable, on schedule and on budget.

Technical Scoping


Our Technical Scoping process maps out the specifications for your project. We consider everything in the process from information and system architecture to how it should be built and to recommending the best way to deploy the software.

Strategy services are perfect for:

  • Specifying a brand core, exploring the audience, personas, archetypes and marketing strategy


  • Generating new solutions for problems specific to your company or industry


  • Take a new idea and scope out the technical requirements to achieve your Minimal Viable Product (MVP)


  • Take an existing product and explore the possibilities of adding new features or useful integrations


Strategy in place?
Ready to move your project on through to design or development?



Creative technical design is what we pride ourselves on. Ensuring that our projects are fully functional, intuitive to use and aesthetically sound.






Building a better website means better functionality, better usability and better security for your projects. We work with clients to ensure we develop the best possible solution for their budgets.