Technical Workshops

Before starting new ventures with your business, whether that be internally or externally, our consultation workshops have helped businesses get off to the best possible start.

We assemble a multidisciplined team catered to your specific project or problem. Whether that’s design, software development, UX or AI experts to name a few – by assembling a collaborative mixed talent pool at a projects conception breeds real innovation.

The journey of a typical technical workshop:

Core concept document is submitted ahead of the workshop for review


Core concept is mapped out and challenged to remove any doubt, or unnecessary ‘nice to haves’.

User journeys are mapped out for the refined concept. Covering all journeys for the life cycle of the product.

A features list is generated from the user journeys, with future/potential functionality adding stipulations to what methods can be used.

Deliverable Document

The main deliverable from a workshop will be catered to your specific project. It will provide you with a comprehensive plan that either we can continue to work on together or your own team can progress internally.