Tips for working from home during the Coronavirus outbreak

Paula DonnellyBy Paula Donnelly|19th March 2020|12 Minutes

As we navigate through these unprecedented times, be aware that although you are having to negotiate unfamiliar, and for some, scary scenarios such as working from home and homeschooling, know that you are not alone!


It may not be a cure for Coronavirus but if it helps with your current situation then I’d say it’s worthwhile sharing. So in the spirit of ‘we’ll get through this together’, here are some tips on working from home ????????????

Stick to your routine


That means getting up at your normal time. You’ll thank me when it’s time to go back to the office and it’s not like facing the 1st day back at school after the summer holidays! 


We’re creatures of habit so if you normally get up and go to the gym in the morning, how about opting for a home workout instead? Our friends at Gym Plan have a free app for those of you on Apple devices with lots of inspo on workouts you can do at home without any equipment. If you normally battle through traffic, line up some toy cars and scream at them for a bit. (I joke ???? Kinda ????)

Photo by Henry Becker on Unsplash

Get dressed for work


Getting home from work and into my comfies is my way of distinguishing the working day from my home life. So the same reasoning applies to working from home. Dressing for work affirms a commitment to actually working and it translates into being more productive.

Comfort ≠ Productivity

Create a workspace


Although it’s tempting to work from your bed or recline on the sofa, best practice is to set up a work station preferably in a home office but if you don’t have this, your dining room table will do the trick. You’re less likely to get distracted by Frasier, Home & Away or The Chase (Personal fave ????) when you have a designated work station and it’s much better for your posture too.

Get away from your work station


It’s not good to be sat all day in front of a screen. You’ve probably gained an hour or 2 by only having to commute from your bedroom to your dining room so use them wisely. Go for a walk, get some fresh air, have a stretch and actively remove yourself from your workstation. We can only concentrate intensely on a given task for short periods of time so break up your day.

Stay in touch with your colleagues


Tools such as Slack, Zoom and Whereby make it easier than ever to keep in touch with your team. 


Don’t just leave it until you have a question though. Keep in touch throughout the day like you normally would in the office. 


Check-in with everyone and see what they got up to last night (Likely not a lot considering the current situation), get Netflix recommendations, find out if they have any tips for staying focused etc.


Stop for team (virtual) coffee breaks:

Female and male colleague having a cuppa over a video call

Separate ‘home jobs’ and ‘work jobs’


Yes, you could very well just put a load of laundry on and get it out on the line. It’s a nice day after all with great drying (God, I sound like my Mum!). Maybe just wash the bed sheets and give the bathroom a quick clean while you’re there. Maybe just run the duster over the living room. 


See where I’m going here? It’s never just one thing. 


Leave the laundry for after work hours. Make your bed when you get up as normal. Stick to your routine otherwise you’ll end up working at 10pm and seriously blurring the lines between your work and home life.

Stay safe and much love from Layers ????